Business Apartments London

In London on business? Serviced apartments offer a good alternative to hotels, especially for those who need to be in a particular place for a month or more, perhaps as part of a business project. Serviced apartments provide you with more space and privacy, and are more convenient and flexible. If you frequently have to travel to other towns and cities – or countries – on work, then renting a serviced apartment can save you from the monotony of staying in the same type of hotel room.


Marlyn Lodge is located in central London, just a stone’s throw from landmarks such as the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. If it’s the City you’re after, then you’re within easy reach to conduct business as you need to. Well-connected in terms of tube stations, a short or long stay in one of our serviced apartments will provide the perfect setting during your visit.


Do you want to find out more about the booking process? Find out HERE. A serviced apartment, such as offered by Marlyn Lodge, is ideal if you’re looking for the best and most affordable accommodation in central London.