Stay at Marlyn Lodge this upcoming London Fashion Week

London is one of the leading cities in the fashion industry. The turn of the 20th century lead to a wide variety of styles that are still incorporated in the fashion world today. The iconic swinging sixties introduced androgynous looks with the British cultural icon Twiggy, her long eyelashes and short hair soon lead to her becoming a very prominent figure in London sixties fashion.  In the seventies we saw women take more workplace oriented fashion choices and the bo-ho chic came into play with brands like Biba. By the eighties we had global brands, celebrity designers and the best-dressed Princess Diana who influenced a generation of women. By 1984 the London Fashion Week was born.

The inspirational capital hosts London Fashion Week twice a year. It's part of the Big Four fashion weeks alongside Paris, Milan and New York. The trade show  features catwalks and exhibitions from some of the most renown top designers and fashion houses in the world. The 5-day event allows designers to advertise their collections to buyers and journalists while boosting the city's role as a fashion hub. London Fashion Week alone is estimated to make over £250 million each season thus enforcing the idea that the fashion industry plays a vital role in UK's economy. With the rising popularity of the trade show, five years ago they introduced London Fashion Week Men's which held its fifth anniversary last June.

To some city goers it may seem unrealistic as a few of the more extreme designs look almost unwearable but it's the effect that these items will have on the future market which is important to everyday people and how these pieces will be interpreted by other designers. High street fashion is heavily influenced by what is shown at London Fashion Week, though you may not always see the connection at first. 

London Fashion Week may seem elusive to the average fashion-enthusiast, and you may struggle to get a ticket if you're not a designer, journalist, blogger or a buyer, but it is certainly possible. You need to be invited by a designer's press team or apply for a ticket personally by visiting the website. It may be tough to get a ticket as it is a trade event, but it's certainly not impossible! If those options don't work then all is not lost yet. Last September in New York fashion house Givenchy gave over 800 free tickets to the public to watch it's 2016 spring/summer show. If you can't get a hold of a ticket and go in person, in 2010 London became the first of the Big 4 to offer designers a chance to broadcast live shows on the internet, so you can check their website and watch there. If you're interested in getting a ticket, keep up to date with the London Fashion Week website and look out for any free opportunities. Alternatively, you can buy tickets for the London Fashion Week Festival instead ranging from £20.00, where you can shop over 150 brands and have event access with the cheaper pass. If you have more to splash out you can get the more expensive ticket with event access, shop 150+ brands, trend and designer catwalk shows, limited edition tote bag and industry insider talks all from £60.00 upwards.  Luxury tickets are also available from £145.00 upwards.

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London Fashion Week September 2017
15th - 19th September 2017

London Fashion Week Festival September 2017
21st - 24th September 2017