London's Charming Churches

The whole of England is lucky enough to be home to many beautiful churches featuring astonishing architecture and history. For example you may be familiar with the almighty Canterbury Cathedral or St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Norwich with its intricate interior. But it's arguable that the city of London holds some of the most recognisable churches and cathedrals of all in England, and some of these places of worship are over hundreds of years old.


Back over 400 years ago before the Great Fire of London, there used to be roughly 100 churches in an area of just one square mile in London. Unfortunately over 80 of these churches were destroyed by the fire, and St. Paul’s Cathedral was one of them. Fortunately however, 51 churches were rebuilt, including St Paul’s, which was completed for a second time in 1675 and still stands as a staple of London's heritage today. It is a working church with daily services and no charge to worshippers. If you're a tourist looking to experience the awe-inspiring cathedral, you can expect to pay up to £18 for an adult entry. It is also a great place to see London's iconic skyline and unrivalled views. Visitors can also see an exhibition on the Cathedral before-and-after the Great Fire, and learn of the challenges faced with its design. A half-hour stroll from our apartments will take you to the beautiful sight, or you can take a short walk to Aldgate station and take a tube ride to St. Paul's station.

Another worldly recognisable church would be the neo-Byzantine Westminster Cathedral with its beautiful and intricate mosaics, (some of the interior mosaics are still being completed to this day!). Located in the heart of London, it could be viewed as one of the busiest churches in the city. Visits to this sacred place are free but donations are welcome. It also features a Tower Viewing Gallery, which visitors can pay a small fee to go up the bell tower and absorb some amazing views of the city, with no time limit you can linger as long as you need. A twenty minute tube ride from Tower Hill tube station, just a five minute walk from Marlyn Lodge, to Victoria Station will take you just a few minutes away from this place of worship.


St. Paul's may seem old with a history dating back 700 years but The Church of St. Bride's easily doubles that - stepping in those doors will take you into 2,000 years of history. It's history hasn't always been an easy one however - the Great Fire also left St. Bride's in ruins and it took 9 years for the church to rise from the ashes, sharing the same architect as St. Paul’s Cathedral - Christopher Wren. 300 years later and the church would fall victim to flames once again during World War 2, where incendiary bombs reduced the holy place to a roofless shell. 17 years later and rebuilding was complete, though not before an archaeologist made a remarkable discovery amid the skeletal ruins. Visitors to St. Bride's are welcome any time the church is open and are encouraged to discover its history and secrets. Tours are held on Tuesday afternoons and cost £6.00 per person. St. Bride's church is also just a half hour walk from our apartments, or a twenty-minute tube ride from Tower Hill to Blackfriars Station.


London is also home to the Holy Trinity Church, Southwark Cathedral, St. George's Cathedral and many, many more. For a full list of churches and cathedrals in the area you can visit this website. If you are a tourist, we ask that if you do visit these sacred places of worship that you treat them with respect, as most of them are still working churches.


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