London in Film

With an enticing and beautiful place like London there is no surprise that the city has been used frequently in both film and TV. Visitors to London are sure to find places they recognize from their favourite movies – from Harry Potter and Oliver Twist, to classic Sherlock Holmes movies and the original Casino Royale. London’s magnificent architecture, iconic landmarks and alluring skyline make it a perfect choice for film producers all over the globe.


The king of thriller, Alfred Hitchcock, is often accredited for starting the fashion of using London landmarks for spy movies specifically, beginning with Blackmail (1929), which was set entirely in the city of London and even ended on the dome of the British Museum. From then on, many film-makers have been desperate to get a part of the London action.


Fans of The Mummy Returns will be pleased to know several scenes of the film were shot inside the British Museum and the double-decker bus scene was shot across the famous Tower Bridge. Even the London Underground has managed to wiggle its way into several movies. The 1998 Sliding Doors has the whole plot hinged on the main character catching a particular tube train. The post-apocalyptic 28 Days Later features a very memorable view of the deserted city of London as the main character walks over the empty Westminster Bridge towards Big Ben, and the sequel 28 Weeks Later includes a tense chase scene across the underground tracks. Arguable the most notable horror movie set in the city is An American Werewolf in London with a famous scene set in Tottenham Court Road tube station.

For children who have watched the recent 2014 Paddington, they may recognize various London locations featured in the film, including modern landmarks such as the London Eye and The Shard.  The next time you walk through Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus or even the Science Museum, you may recognize these locations used in several action scenes in the 2006 Stormbreaker movie adaptation. Arguably most famous for its sets in London will be the Harry Potter movies, with locations including The London Zoo, Leadenhall Market/Diagon Alley and King’s Cross station – where you can head on down to get your photo taken with the magical platform wall and see where Harry Potter and other wizards departed for Hogwarts. Don’t forget to visit the magical Harry Potter Shop, built in likeness to Ollivander’s wand shop – perfect for Potter fans! Even in animation London finds itself as popular as ever – Disney has used the city as a recurring backdrop for many of it’s animated features, including Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians and Robin Hood.  


From the silent era to upcoming big-budget films, London will always be an alluring city to see on the big screen, after all who wouldn’t want to film in the greatest city of all time? If you’re interested in visiting London, whether it be to satisfy your inner movie-buff or to just enjoy the tantalizing landmarks, book with us to ensure your stay is comfortable, affordable and great value for money.