Making your money go further in London

We believe that one of the most important factors of when you travel is what will it cost.  We thought we would write a little something on how to visit London using our knowledge and save money while still exploring all it has to offer.


First things first - stay in one of our apartments to rent in London where you will have a great base to start from. There is no point travelling all across the world to not have London on your doorstep!  Staying in one of our apartments will reduce your travel time and travel costs whilst being far more cost effective compared to staying in a hotel.


Travel from Airports


If you are travelling from any of the major airports then book your Express tickets in advance – well in advance!  Book your train ticket for the Heathrow Express 90 days in advance and pay £5.50 instead of £27 for a single journey. That’s a staggering saving of £21.50!


Remember - if you are taking a taxi (on meter) from the airports or around London, and it’s peak time, be prepared for lengthy waits in traffic and a horrific fare. Book a fixed fee private car in advance and eliminate the stress of watching that meter rise (and there’s no standing in the rain hoping for a taxi to stop!).

The London Pass


Plenty of our guests ask regarding whether the London Pass is worth paying for. Like anything, if you do not use it then no, of course it won’t be worth it. However, with our location having 5 out of the top 10 attractions it does make sense! The Globe Theatre, Jewel Tower, HMS Belfast and The Monument are within minutes of our apartments (and all included in the price of the pass!) so it does make it a very good deal.  We also suggest using the hop-on and off buses, as they are superb to see the city and also save you money by avoiding other more expensive forms of transport.


If you do plan to travel on the tube frequently then make sure you buy a Visitor Oyster Card which will charge you the cheapest fare each time you travel.  It also covers all buses/river bus and DLR including some overland trains.


You can also see London without buying The London Pass by planning your travel very carefully and booking ahead to ensure your entry into free attractions.  Tate Modern is a 20-minute walk away and a trip to London is not complete without going to the British Museum.  If you want an amazing (and free!) view over the City without going to the London Eye and even higher and greener then we suggest the Sky Garden at the “Walkie Talkie” building and it’s a mere 5/10 minute walk away.  Perhaps try a day at Hyde Park or see the famous Changing of the Guard.


One of the major costs will be food and drink - and the only way you can truly save here is by preparing meals or ordering in and enjoying it at your own dining table in our apartments. If children are in tow then, as you will probably know, making a sandwich in a hotel room is a bit of a problem.  But not for us - we have fully fitted kitchens with all utensils to prepare sandwiches/snacks, meals and more.  Also if you’re arriving in summer, why not freeze some drinks overnight and carry them through the day with you - lovely and cool by lunch time and also keeps your food chilled if taking a packed lunch to the park.  If you do plan to eat out then best look for chain gastro cafes that have regular deals on or, if possible - use OpenTable.


We hope that this helps our guests to save money in London. If you have any advice then please do leave a comment as it would be great to have more top tips!

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