Long Stays In London Serviced Apartments Are Best

If you’re staying in London for a night or two on work then a hotel will suit you fine as you don’t need that home from home feeling, but when you are staying in London for a few days, weeks or months that ‘home from home’ feeling is exactly what you need to make your stay more relaxed and enjoyable. Serviced apartments in London have proven to be the best alternative when it comes to feeling at home, when you’re not at home – and there are many reasons for this.


Hotels are brilliant for the odd night here and there, when you don’t mind choosing your food from the same standard menu, you don’t mind a pokey room where you have your office, bathroom, kitchen (in the form of a kettle) bed and living room – but when you are staying for a longer period of time you will soon get tired of the same standard menu and the pokey little room – you will want your own space.


This is exactly where serviced apartments in London come into their own, you have your very own kitchen where you can cook your own meals or bring back foods from local takeaways to enjoy, there are also a wide range of restaurants on your doorstep so you can still enjoy a wide variety of meals if you do prefer to eat out.


You’ll also have so much more space in a serviced apartment than in a hotel room because you have your own kitchen area, a desk that you can work from and a table where you can eat your meal from. You’ll have a living room where you can chill out in front of the TV or get on with your work – then you have a separate room for your bedroom – giving you that homely and spacious feeling you need on longer stays in London.


As well as this you’ll also enjoy the fact that you can have your own breakfast in your own space at a time that suits you, so you can have an early breakfast if you need an early start to the day, or a late breakfast if it was a busy day previously – you haven’t got to fit around the times the hotel wants to serve breakfast.


Our serviced apartments in London give you the freedom of your own home, flat or apartment with the additional service of a hotel – making our serviced apartments the perfect solution for your long stays in London. As well as more space you’ll also gain from more privacy and you won’t need to dress up to go down to dinner if you don’t want to – giving you the privacy and freedom you would have in your own home.


Another reason why serviced apartments are better than hotels for longer stays in London is because they work out much cheaper. Over the course of a week you will find that one of our serviced apartments in London will actually work out 30% cheaper than your everyday hotel – and you get the extra space thrown in too!


If you and a colleague need to stay in London for business this would be two separate rooms in a hotel, but in serviced apartments you can just book a serviced apartment in London with two rooms. This will cut the cost of accommodation by nearly half so is well worth considering as a way to save money when travelling for business.

When work requires you to stay in London for more than a day or two why not see how a serviced apartment in London can help you enjoy your time in London, save you money and give you space as well as freedom.  You'll be amazed at how long you have coped without using serviced apartments in London for your previous business trips.