Walks with a difference!

London is a city with endless possibilities. A single trip won’t even begin the scratch the surface of what this vibrant, fast-paced city has to offer, but there are plenty of ways to start. A walking tour offers you a fantastic opportunity to experience some of the city’s historical landmarks, hear interesting stories and see things that go unnoticed on a daily basis. Once you’ve checked into your serviced apartment in Tower Hill, get ready experience the weird and wonderful world of London.

Haunted London Pub Tour

From tales of poltergeists, witch hunts, grave robbers and Sweeny Todd – the tours offer you frights and pints at some of London’s most haunted pubs.


Jack the Ripper Tours

One of the most popular tours this tour allows you to walk in the footsteps of the man himself, and witness the sites of some of his most infamous crimes.  

The Kray Twins Walking Tour

The notorious Kray twins terrorised the streets of the East End of London for years. The tour takes you to their boxing club, Repton, and their favourite pub.


Sherlock Holmes Tour

See London through the eyes of author Arthur Conon Doyle, and his detective-extraordinaire Sherlock Holmes. You’ll explore locations from the television show and the books in this two-hour tour.


Street Art Tours

Thanks to artists such as Banksy, the street art scene has risen in popularity. London is full with vibrant street art waiting to be discovered. Graff tours will guide you around the city and teach you the difference between Roas, Malarkys and Eines. You’ll even be shown some of Banksy’s lesser-known pieces, which are hidden from view. Tours are usually in and around Shoreditch.

Smithfield Earlybird

London has a bloody history and none more bloody than in Smithfield. The area was home to many executions (including William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace), as well as heretic-burning and peasant-slaying. Smithfield is also home to a thriving butcher’s market. A tour operates here in the early morning, where the stories come to life as the sun rises.


Harry Potter Tours


If you’re visiting London with your family then a Harry Potter tour will keep adults and children happy. There are a couple of tours that run throughout various parts of the city, and cover different aspects of the Harry Potter films. One tour is based in the City of London, home to Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron. The other tour is in the City of Westminster, home to the Ministry of Magic. These tours are operated by London Walks.    

London’s Lost Rivers

Beneath London’s streets lies a lost network of rivers that paint a fascinating portrait of the city it was before. Most of these rivers are now sewers but all have left their mark on the London above. Guided tours are available throughout the year, but don’t run on a regular schedule.


At the end of the day you can then relax at a serviced apartment in Tower Hill where all the action has taken place and explore and upload your pictures to your friends in comfort!