Benefits of Serviced Apartments in London for Business Travellers

We agree that the world is advancing and technology means there should be less reason for meetings with clients and colleagues, but there are still some of us out there that enjoy meeting people in the ‘real world’ and doing business face to face – and we love these people because we are exactly the same.


Our serviced apartments in London can be hugely beneficial for business travellers and this is why we have put together the following list of benefits so you can see why our serviced apartments are just so ideal for business travellers;


Created More Focused Meetings

You know your staff members will not be on top form arriving for a meeting after sitting in the cramped conditions of economy class on a flight and it’s the same for a good night’s sleep before a meeting with an important client. Serviced apartments give your staff members the chance to relax in their own space, spread the paperwork out for the next day and go to bed in a separate room, without having to move it all to find the bed!


Saves the Business Money

Serviced apartments in London offer great value for money when compared to hotels, especially for longer stays or when more than one employee needs to stay in London. The kitchens within serviced apartments also mean less money is spent on meals out and room service too!


More for Your Money

Not only are you saving your business money by staying in serviced apartments in London you also get much more value for your money. When you first see one of our serviced apartments you’ll see exactly what we mean, they have fully equipped kitchens and offer all the regular hotel services such as maid service and such like but there is so much more space and personality.


It’s More Cost Effective

When you stay in a hotel you are charged per person, but in a serviced apartment it’s per apartment so if you are away on business with colleagues or a partner you will save money by having 1-4 people staying in a serviced apartment in London with up to 2 bedrooms. You’ll also find longer business trips in London receive special reduced rates too.


Technology Is Available

We all know that the internet access at hotels is never the best and its often very expensive too, with serviced apartments you have free internet access and it’s a good connection too so you can get your work and research for meetings done quickly with no waiting around for pages to load up, resulting in a much better night’s sleep before or after an important client meeting.


Close To Meetings

Serviced apartments in London are often well located near to public transport links or central locations so guests can quickly and easy get to their meetings, conferences and exhibitions but another benefit is that our serviced apartments in London are on the doorstep of shops, restaurants and the city life so a stay in London really can be enjoyed.



Why isn’t your business using serviced apartments in London?