Relax in the hub of London’s maritime history

One of the most appealing features for visitors to Marlyn Lodge is that it is so close to many of London’s popular visitor attractions. In particular, these luxury London apartments are but a stone’s throw from the banks of the River Thames, the beating heart of this great city and its proud history.


The River Thames has had an essential role in establishing London, and indeed Britain itself, as a major centre for world trade, transport and innovation. The nearby St. Katherine’s Dock has certainly had an important part to play in London’s maritime history, a major centre of trade during the industrial revolution and the British Empire.


At just a short 5-minute walk from your apartment, St. Katherine’s Dock is a perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening; enjoying the excellent dockside dining and charming cafés, and a flavour of its proud history.


The maritime heritage of St. Katherine's Dock

Named after a hospital which once stood on the site, the history of the dock area is thought to date back over 1000 years. There is certainly evidence of the area being used as a dock as far back as the early 1100’s.


However, the area really took off as a thriving centre for trade during the Industrial Revolution. In 1825, an act of parliament ordered the major redevelopment of the dock area to deal with the increasing volume of goods and trade coming through the city by sea. The civil engineer Thomas Telford oversaw the clearing of the slums and dingy streets that once stood there, to make way for state-of-the-art warehouses and port facilities. St. Katherine’s Dock soon gained a reputation as a centre for international trade, handling valuable cargos of tea, sugar, rum, ivory, spices and other goods from the four corners of the earth. The dock enjoyed this thriving commercial activity right up to the 1930’s.



St. Katherine’s Dock today


Badly damaged by German bombing in the Second World War, the docks sadly remained derelict until the 1990’s where a campaign of urban redevelopment once again transformed the docks into a centre of commerce, albeit a different kind of commerce.


Today, former warehouses have been transformed into beautifully designed luxury homes and office spaces. The area is still a vibrant marina for London’s yachting and boating enthusiasts and is a perfect destination for a relaxing stroll along the quayside, taking in terrific views of London’s bustling riverfront.


St Katherine’s Dock boasts a wealth of dockside restaurants, cafés and bars. Most overlook the river and the dockside, and are particularly pleasant on warmer days for al fresco dining. And don’t miss a drink at The Dickens Inn; housed in an 18th century warehouse, this has been a popular traditional tavern since the dock’s commercial heyday.


Such a short walk away from Marlyn Lodge, a visit to St. Katherine’s Docks is definitely recommended to guests as a perfect destination for your lunchtime or evening meal.


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